Funding Options

Struggling With Finance? Finding the funds for real estate deals can sometimes be excruciatingly difficult. For anyone struggling to secure finance, including first-time buyers, know that there are many ways to finance a property deal and the majority of them will have nothing in common with banks or other traditional financial institutions. Read through the articles here and find the one, or ones, which gel with you and your particular situation.

Hard Money Lender


Hard Money Lender - An alternative to banks and financial companies, with loans secured by real estate.

Rent To Buy

House on blue background

Rent To Buy - First home buyers with no chance of landing a traditional bank loan will find it attractive as a potential funding source.

Money Partner
House and Plans

Money Partner - Usually where one partner has the funds and the other party has the experience and expertise.

Private Money Lenders
Three houses

Private Money Lenders - When banks and financial institutions aren't an option, private money may be the answer for a real estate investor.