A Strategy For The First-Time Investor                                                                                                                                                                                                                              There are many strategies an investor can use to buy property but first-time buyers on a budget have it so much harder than the experienced and the cashed up. First-time buyers need a plan which is easy to understand and follow. While the following article for Find 'Em, Fund 'Em, Flip 'Em is slanted towards real estate beginners, the strategy itself can be used by any investor.

House outline over land


Find 'Em - Which property niche will you choose for your first deal?

Fund 'Em - How will you find the funds or the means to own/control a property?

Flip 'Em - What is the objective of the deal? Flip? Or Sell? Or Fix 'Em and Hold?

Keep reading to see how this strategy can get you started in real estate.